If you live far away, you can move to the Vila Universitaria inside the UAB campus facilities or, if you prefer a more urban environment, to share a flat in the cities nearby like Cerdanyola del Vallès or Sabadell (8 minutes by public transport) or Barcelona (35 minutes by public transport). There is also a hotel inside the UAB campus

If you need more information, please contact with:

International Welcome Point (IWP)
Campus de Bellaterra-Plaça Cívica
TEL. 93 581 22 10
FAX: 93 581 25 95
Schedule: from 9,30 to 19 h. Wednesday from 9,30 to 15 h (July and August from 9,30 to 15 h).
E-mail: international.welcome.point@uab.cat


Nowadays transportation from Barcelona to UAB Campus is very good by train (25-35 minutes with RENFE or by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat (FGC)), by bus from Fabra i Puig terminal (20 minutes), by private car (highways C58 or A7/B30), etc.

- Mobility & transport UAB
- Accesses to CREAF-UAB


Implementation dates:
05/10/2024 - 24/05/2025

Monday-Thursday:16:30 - 20:30h
Friday: 15-19h

EU students: € 88 per credit.

Non-EU students: € 110 per credit. This includes taxes and student insurance.


Best students’ award: upon completion of the Master, students with better marks will receive a prize of € 1500. A prize will be awarded for every five students.

Admission Cost (30.21€)

Contact master.td.sig@uab.cat

UAB Campus